Why people Smoke?

  1. Volume

There’s around 480,000 death for cigarette smoking per year in the United States, including around 42,000 people smoke sceondhand smoke exposure, also there’s 1,300 death for smoking.

2. Problem

Smoking is like part of the life. Although, the people was not smoke they always in their mind “why people smoke?” ,but no ones can answer this very true, also no one will answer the some question. There are not many smokers started to smoking after age of eighteen, some of the teens also start to smoke, government in the United States rules teens can’t buy cigarette in the store, but some of the store don’t care about it.

3. Why people smoke?

A lot of teens boy start to smoke, many of the teens think smoking was very dashing, but that wasn’t a very happen, but for a lot of people smoke just had pressure with them job or their own mind, when u starting to smoke, it is very hard time to quite. In the movie superstar, people will don’t know what happen to them, but for a lot of them will smoke too, because they had a lot of pressure.

4. Quit smoke!

We should tell our family or friend to quit smoke, people always saying cigarette can cause half of your life, many of the people will die around 70-80 years old because they smoke. So, now we should telling all the people quit smoke, smoke is killing yourself !

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