YouTube! What’s going on with you?

YouTube the multi-media sharing platform for creation to flow and to be able to make profit off of your own creations. Now there’s more controversy coming out with the misuse of Fair Use and Copyright guidelines on YouTube.

What is Copyright?

Copyright is a legal right that any owner has over their own idea to do whatever they want with that idea. That means that no one else can benefit off your ideas or use it and claim it as their own. This means that your original jokes, videos and any of your content that you post on YouTube is yours and yours only now how is YouTube ruining this? By removing videos and letting just random companies take down videos or not allowing revenue on certain videos! YouTubers like GradeUnderA and AlternateHistoryHub and AnimeAmerica have had their videos taken down and when your videos are taken down or claimed by a company or another YouTuber then your revenue goes to those companies which is absolutely unfair. YouTubers work hard on their content and just because some people are insulted by it or if your footage is in there with permission or is under fair use then don’t be such a brat about it. People work hard and do what they love, YouTube needs to change their system and get their head together before these all goes to hell.