Why Are You Writing What You Are Writing?

Michael Stover
Mr. Plan ₿ Publication
6 min readJun 8, 2024


If You Don’t Know — Stop Writing

I love writing. Do you?

If not, why are you still writing?

Why Are You Writing What You Are Writing?
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I Am a Writer

I recently had an epiphany about writing. No booming voices came from above; no small whispers woke me at night. I simply had cause to reflect on the question, “Why am I doing this?” Why am I writing?

Why am I writing?

Hi, I’m Michael Stover. I turn 54 years old this year and am in my third major life career. I graduated from high school heading into an auto body repair and painting career that morphed into heavy equipment painting.

Varied factors moved me into a ministry career for over 20 years until it imploded and left me homeless, jobless, and starting over at age 43.

Throughout much of that ministry career, I wrote study material and other items. I also created material that was sold through a significant publishing company and used by hundreds of thousands of people.