3 Key Uses for Animation in Mobile UI Design

With the quick development of technology, animation is less of a visual luxury and more of a functional requirement that users expect. Animation solves a lot of functional problems within interfaces and makes interfaces feel alive and truly responsive to the user.

We’ve all seen the “This is so satisfying” .gifs before. To me, there is nothing more pleasing and satisfying as effective UI/UX.

I’ve loved Apple’s iOS UI since it was released. The subsequent updates continue to add features, though admittedly this is making it much more difficult to remain efficient. I could spend days going through the iOS Human Interface Guidelines. The detailed focus Apple puts into the why behind certain design stipulations and the reasons the designs are structured the way they are, constantly impresses me. Nobody sweats the details like Apple.

Now with Google’s Material Design becoming more of a web and mobile standard, it’s really interesting to see form and function collide, with positive UX being the (intended) outcome.

Fun note on Pull-to-Refresh: I often wonder what Loren Brichter thinks these days about how many millions of people are utilizing his incredibly simple but necessary creation. I would go as far as saying that it’s the most useful cross-platform and automatic user-initiated action that has ever been developed for the mobile industry. Loren if you’re reading, I still miss Tweetie.

Source: UX Planet

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