“What Will They Say About You?” by Nike

What will they say about you?
 That you shouldn’t be out here?
 That it’s unladylike?
 That you’re not built for this?
 Or maybe…
 They’ll say you’re strong.
 That you can’t be stopped.
 That you always find a way.
 That you make it look easy.
 That you make it look… good.
 Or maybe…
 They’ll say…
 That you’re the
 إيش حيقولوا عنك؟ يمكن يقولوا انك تخطيتي كل التوقعات. justdoit#

Nike pulling out all the stops with this one. Focus on women, Muslim women, and entirely in Arabic? All the feels, all the badassery, all the motivation… yeah, this is awesome.

Source: Nike Women

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