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List of some of the best Crypto Teachers/Influencers and Crypto exchanges/crypto trading tools for beginners

First of all, congrats, to be a part of the Bitcoin/Blockchain growth story. You are one of the early adopters in this space and hopefully, you will make the best out of it.

The first thing to do is to make your mentors and follow them to get to know about the industry insights, who will always motivate you and prevent you from being scammed.

Some of the mentors to follow on Twitter-

  1. Andreas M. Antonopoulos — He is one of the first Bitcoin educators. In 2012 Antonopoulos became enamored with Bitcoin. He eventually abandoned his job as a freelance consultant and started speaking at conferences about bitcoin, consulting for startups, and writing articles free of charge.

2. Saifedean Ammous- He is an economist and author focusing on bitcoin, who authored the first academic book on the economics of bitcoin, The Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking, published by Wiley in 2018

After deciding the mentors and taking advice from them by following them, create an account on some good crypto trading exchanges just to know how an exchange works like what are the functioning/ how orders are placed, etc.

List of some of the best crypto trading exchanges-

  1. Binance — It is the largest crypto exchange in the world as per the trading volumes. User Interface is also very good. Recently they also announced their margin trading feature. They have a mobile app also available.

2. Bittrex — Its US-based exchange and it is operated by 3 security engineers from Amazon, founded in 2014. They don’t have a mobile app for now. It's one of the most secure exchanges in the world.

3. Coinbase — It was founded in 2012 and they have crypto to fiat pairs available in 32 countries you can buy cryptocurrencies through your bank account.

4. Future1exchange- Its a new exchange that is founded in the year 2019 and it attracted my attention because their entire model is based on collaboration. They have partnered with some of the prominent names in the industry like Ledger and Paxos. Features include buying cryptocurrency from debit and credit card and you can also swap tokens on their platform.

Before going to trade with real money, I would recommend you to do some research, how crypto market works. According to the best of my understanding, you should apply some strategies, follow news/sentiments, charts, patterns of the coin.

Some important tools/websites that can help you to build your strategies and gather all the possible information about the market-

  1. Coingecko — Here you will find all the information of any coin like market cap, prices, dominance, social accounts, explorer at one place so that you can make informed decisions. Its the most trusted platform where you will find real information like volumes, market cap, etc. Recently they have introduced trust score for the exchanges based on real volumes and many other important factors like security, etc the higher the trust score the more the legit exchange is.

2. Trading View- It’s an advanced Financial visualization platform where you can find any past chart with indicators to apply the best possible strategy, also you can take ideas from the leaders at the trading view

Also, before going to trade with real money — you should have a solid trading plan that not only constitutes trading knowledge but also how you control your emotions, gaining confidence and how you manages your finances and risk.

Best of luck!

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