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NFT- Based Decentralized Data Transmission Blockchain Ternoa is all set to redefine the NFT Landscape

The NFTs have quickly gained widespread traction due to their popularity. It has soon transitioned into a mainstream phenomenon, driving millions of dollars in revenue. It has no doubt taken the NFT space by storm. With a massive evolution in the NFT space over a few months, cutting-edge innovative solutions have captured the markets leaving users in awe to foresee the wide range of use-cases in the current financial landscape.

Built on the foundations of decentralization leveraging blockchain technology, Ternoa is an innovative NFT project that allows the creation of time capsules that enables transmitting digital memories seamlessly. Built on the Polkadot Network, Ternoa leverages the Polkadot ecosystem and various decentralized data storage solutions for simplifying data transmission processes.

While the NFT uses cases ranging from tokenizing real-world assets to digital art, Ternao aims to create a safe space for users to transfer personal data/digital memories without worrying about intervention or access from intermediaries. It allows wrapping digital art, digital memories, and heritage in time-capsules powering them with various functionalities.

The developers of Ternoa have built a solid technological architecture providing an intuitive user experience and a high level of compatibility between the Ternoa Application and Ternoa Blockchain technology. Furthermore, to drive increased data security, integrity, and accessibility, it employs artificial intelligence into its decentralized storage networks.

NFT Marketplace, Transmission Protocols and Secret NFT’s

Backed by renowned blockchain investors and industry legos constituting SIA, Master Ventures, DFG, WaterDrip Capital, Morningstar, ArkStream, Paid Network, GD10 Ventures, Eternesia, LVT Capital, and others, Ternoa aims to provide one kind of experience to its users through NFTs. Its striking features will mesmerize the users driving increased utility of the platform. Its thriving ecosystem constitutes a Polkadot-based NFT Marketplace that will enable purchasing and selling of time capsules. To provide protection and drive excitement, the time-capsule NFTs will be watermarked so that only the purchaser or holder of the NFT will be able to visualize the digital collectible in totality.

Leveraging its robust technical infrastructure has created five protocols for transmitting time capsules, namely Safe Protocol, D-Day Protocol, Consent Protocol, Death Protocol, and Countdown Protocol. Each one of them is powered with specific use cases in terms of storage, creation, transfer, and activation of the time capsule NFTs. This is one of the fascinating aspects which has never been trialled in the NFT space before. This will be instrumental in gamifying the entire process of creation to trading these digital memories. These memories include photos, videos, passwords, personal records, texts, and seed phrases wrapped as NFTs.

Another exciting aspect of the Ternoa ecosystem is the Secret NFTs, a unique kind of NFTs composed of two sets of media- one for the public and another is private for holders of the NFTs. These have a broader spectrum of use-cases and are usually certified on the Ternoa blockchain to prevent forgery.

Future Milestones and Roadmap Ahead

Ternoa is designing two dApps, including Time capsules and Secret NFT Marketplace. These dApps have a wide range of use-cases in the art, entertainment, technology, legal, music industry. Moreover, the alpha version of the TimeCapsule is already live for users to experience. The ecosystem also constitutes Ternoa Wallet designed explicitly for the Ternoa Blockchain and manages $CAPS efficiently.

The project has successfully launched its website, whitepaper, along with the pre-token sale of the native $CAPS. It has also conducted airdrops for its community that has helped them gain substantial traction. Fast forwarding, it is currently working on the DEX storage Networks and will launch its mainnet by the end of Q4 2021.

While NFTs are continuously breaking boundaries in terms of adoption, we can just imagine the innovation and utility that will follow in this growing NFT landscape. Furthermore, with the integration of DeFi aspects into NFTs, it is clear to gauge future growth and developments.

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