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Ternoa (CAPS) on Uniswap and

Ternoa project token CAPS, will be available on two top tier exchange platforms, Uniswap and welcoming the innovative concept after its Initial DEX Offering (IDO), which is on 28th May 2021.

The CAPS token will serve as an exchange currency fueling the Ternoa ecosystem, as all operations on the blockchain will be paid in CAPS. Whether it is for NFT creation, capsule encryption or even long-term data storage, the platform’s token is central to its day-to-day functioning.

About Ternoa

Built on the foundations of decentralization leveraging blockchain technology, Ternoa is an innovative NFT project that allows the creation of time capsules that enables transmitting digital memories seamlessly. Built on the Polkadot Network, Ternoa leverages the Polkadot ecosystem and various decentralized data storage solutions for simplifying data transmission processes.

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