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Ternoa’s new partnership with the Arab investment fund “Morningstar Ventures”

Ternoa partnered with Morningstar Ventures to create a better future

After gaining support from partners such as ArkStream Capital and the Digital Financial Group, Ternoa is happy to announce that Morningstar Ventures has joined these groups and more in supporting the Ternoa project.

Located in Dubai, Morningstar Ventures is led by CIO Danilo S. Carlucci. With its strong expertise in the cryptocurrency space, Morningstar Ventures provides excellent support to fintech and projects involved in blockchain.

This partnership of Ternoa with Morningstar will help the project grow to new heights.

Ternoa had a long list of partnerships & Morningstar Ventures is the newest addition to it, and it proves Ternoa’s global reach & popularity. Definitely, Ternoa is innovating in the space & its proven by the ever-increasing number of investors.

Ternoa and its Time Capsules intend to endear the world.

The partnership with Morningstar Ventures not only illustrates this desire, but also the company’s motivation to really reach that goal. Support of this caliber paves the way to international success — we are convinced of the Dubai-based fund’s positive impact on Ternoa’s growth and development.

With DEX & CEX listings on the launch day, Ternoa has already shown growth potential. And now Morningstar Ventures coming in the picture we can only imagine the growth ahead.

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