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Trading Cryptocurrencies with planning

Cryptocurrencies are nowadays a hot thing in the market, everyone wants to trade crypto by looking at its lucrative returns, but do you think its as easy as we think to trade crypto? certainly not, its not as much easy as we think, it requires proper knowledge of everything like charts , orderbook , buy sell walls, then also many people loose here because its very small market and whales manipulate in their own way, so here we have to trade in an efficient manner, in crypto world there are double profits and double loss, so always we have to trade it in a planned manner.

Why people loose i am listing some points

  1. Buying in fomo
    Many people buy the coin in fomo, whales artificially pump the coin and people buy out of fomo to see its growth, people have a mentality of fast returns and this all because of short term greed, so those people who are too greedy they loose here in short term.

What to do for becoming a successful trader/investor ?

  1. Always trade/invest in good project: Don’t trade in bad projects, if you invested in good projects then you can sleep with no worries and if your coin went down then it will come back if project is technically and fundamentally good.

This is not a financial advice, these are my personal opinions, do your secondary research always

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