Is earlier bedtime correlated with more sleep?

For me, earlier bedtime usually equals more sleep.

This week has been a good sleep week so far.

I’ve averaged about 7.7 hours of sleep per night the first 3 nights of the week. One thing I attribute this to is making it a point to get to bed earlier. Before 10pm is essential. Before 9pm is ideal.

From my Fitbit chart, you can see that the past 3 nights, auto-sleep tracking began before 9:20pm, which means this is when I actually started sleeping. But I went to bed before 9pm all 3 nights, including around 8pm last night.

It doesn’t usually take me long to fall asleep, but if I go to bed at 10 or later, this means fall asleep time of 10:30 or later, which usually translates into less than 7 hours of actual sleep. So, is an earlier bedtime correlated with more sleep? I can’t speak for everyone, but for me it certainly is.

I have my alarm set at 6am every weekday and my alarm doesn’t care what time I go to bed. It wakes my ass up at 6am whether I’ve gotten 8 hours of sleep or 4. So, the main factor I have control over is my bedtime. And I like having control over things, particularly when it comes to my health. That’s why I track ;)

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