Weekly health score 10/09/17–10/15/17

Crushed it this week.

Weekly health score 10/09/17–10/15/17: 100% (135/135 points)

Gamifying my health tracking keeps me motivated. Currently, I set weekly goals in each of the following: fruits and veggies, sleep, steps, and strength training sets. Then, I track each metric and give myself points for each result. At the end of the week, I total the points to calculate my weekly health score. Here’s how I did in each goal this week:

1. Fruits and veggies: 33/28 servings

After a sub-par count last week, I got back on track this week. I had at least 5 green smoothies, ate plenty of veggies at dinner, and made better choices when we went to catch up with some good friends at one of our favorite restaurants in town.

2. Sleep: 53.7/52.5 hours

This was the 6th best sleep week I’ve had all year (I know because I’ve been tracking). Sleep is always the stat I feel I have the least control of, but this week, I got to bed early during the week and actually caught up on sleep this weekend (over 9 hours of sleep both Friday and Saturday, including naps).

3. Steps: 88,780/59,500 steps.

Clearly, I blew my step goal out of the water this week. My 12-mile half-marathon training run on Saturday contributed nearly 22,000 steps to my total, but the great news is even without that run, I would have beat my goal. I beat my daily step goal of 8,500 every day this week, which I’m not sure I’ve ever done.

4. Sets: 27/25 sets

I went to the gym three times this week. One thing that helped me was just going every day I could instead of sticking to my usual 2-day schedule. This helps hedge against unforeseen circumstances that come up and prevent me from going on a given day (e.g., a work lunch that came up on Thursday this week).

Overall, I’m extremely proud of this week. I exceeded all my goals and effectively would have had a health score of 117% instead of 100%, but I cap myself at the max for each goal so that I don’t subsidize one goal with another.

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