Now that ISIS is on the verge of defeat, Trump is fear mongering against one of America’s biggest enemies since 1979, Iran. A war of words has emerged between the two nations, with an escalation in the threat of another 2003. In this article, I want to tell you how going to war with Iran will be a bad idea, and how it will boost the problem Trump has repeatedly promised to end.

Firstly, a war will help DAESH quite a bit. Whether you like them or not, you must admit that Iran is a huge contributor in the fight against ISIS. They have deployed troops to fight ISIS in Syria, as well as supporting Bashar Al-Assad, who is also fighting ISIS. Iran is also “Syria’s closest ally”. They also heavily support irregular Iraqi militias who combat the declining group, and help out the Iraqi Military using their Air Force. Given the major blows Iran has played a huge role in making against ISIS, a war against Iran will give the Wahabbi Extremist group time to rehabilitate, which can let ISIS regain much of their lost territory.

Secondly, the war could create terrorists. As I mentioned in my first Medium article, terrorists don’t just choose to blow themselves up one day. They usually have traumatizing experiences at the hands of Non-Muslim armies. Others, from countries at peace such as the Gulf states, Jordan and the Maghreb see these events on TV that give them depression and anger. Some are even Europeans of immigrant background who have faced racism and prejudice in their countries of birth and see radicalism as a way to gain vengeance on those who have discriminated against them. As these young Muslims experience this state of exasperation, groups like ISIS lure them in with hate speech and promises to restore the golden age of the Ummah which is now at an all time low. Thus, youthful fighters flock to Iraq and Syria in hopes of cleansing their outrage and completing their dream. Now, given that America invaded a crumbling state with no food and killed around a million of its citizens to “end terrorism” and attempt to find WMD’s that didn’t even exist, what do you think they’ll do with a nation that has been embargoed for three and a half decades, been declared by a top pentagon general as one of the most likely threats to the U.S, second only to the fiefdom of Kim Jong Un, second biggest danger to America in a recent opinion poll, and one of three U.S state designated sponsors of terrorism? Exactly, more war crimes, more anger, more luring and propaganda, and once you’re done with said mixture, you have TERRORISM! Thus, not only will a war with Iran expand ISIS’s land borders, it will heavily strengthen its manpower.

In conclusion, this is why the United Sates should not go to war with Iran.

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