2 weeks worth of updates (down from a year)

Sponsored: This feature update is brought to you by @magnus16

As committed, we are keeping our schedule to push a really cool feature update every sprint (a sprint comprises of 2 weeks). And this time, we have added something we’ve been waiting for a long time. So far, you’d have seen this feature only with the likes of apps such as Ola or Uber.

We’re excited to introduce Virtual Number Calling to Mr. Right.

Image credits: Uber

Following are the feature updates for this sprint:

1. Introducing Virtual Number: Now call the assigned Pro right from your app. This feature will create a Virtual ID of your phone number while keeping your actual number hidden/ masked.

2. Upload pictures: You can upload pictures (of the job) on your booked cases. The Pro can then view the pictures (beforehand) and bring all the required tools to efficiently carry out the task.


3. Case timeline: Get a complete timeline of all activities on your case such as Date created, Pro assigned time and more.

Soooooo……??? So just update the app if you have it installed already. If not, 👉 click here 👈 to download.

Also, btw, have you watched that newly released movie “L I F E”? It’s super freaky 👻 and gut-churning (literally). The movie is about a team of (hot🔥) astronauts aboard the International Space Station🚀 that discover a rapidly evolving life form, that caused extinction on Mars, and now threatens the crew and all life on Earth🌏. Here’s a sneak peak of that life form:


They name it CALVIN. Like seriously 🙄

Spoiler Alert: Ryan Reynolds Diiiiiiiieeeeeeessssss!!! First!

But still we think you should go watch it.

Okay then, until next time, goooodbyeee Moonmen.

- I’m Mr. Bulldops