A year worth of updates

Hey there, people. Wanted to share this not-so-quick update with y’all.

Ummm….we went a little rusty with regards to app updates last year. TBH, the last update we did was in January 2016. But we’re back now and with a bang! It’s been a year now so you know things are gonna get reeeaal this time. We’ve got some serious stuff going on you’ve got a year worth of updates comin’ atcha!

Okay, so here it goes: (Palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy)

1. Improved UI & UX: When you click on any service, you’ll “see” the difference for yourself. All the categories and their services have upfront pricing, real-time reviews, aggregate ratings and more.

2. Extensive service details: We have added whole new sections including FAQs, What’s included, Expert videos, Reviews etc. on every service. It clearly explains to you the entire scope of work for that particular service. It should satiate your need/ curiosity to learn and educate yourself about any service we offer.

3. Pay with Paytm: We know, we know, we’re kinda late to the party. But hey…..you know what they say — better late than never. You can start paying from favorite wallet. FYI, we’re bringing more wallets very soon. Also, there’s 10% instant MR Money Cashback on all online payments.

4. MR Money (wallet) Txn details: Get all transaction details of your MR Money. Just go to “Settings” and click on “MR Money” to get the entire transactions history.

5. Mandatory case ratings: Going forward, we’re gonna be needing you to ‘Rate’ every service you avail from us. Good, bad, meh, we’d love to know. It will help us prepare a consolidated profile rating of all our Pros and help improve the quality of our services. So, it’s like you’ll be helping yourself and fellow customers.

6. One touch booking: Oops! Accidentally canceled a service? Or want to avail previously booked service again? Just go to “My cases” and click on the canceled/ closed service to instantly book it again.

7. No more passwords: Our system detects password reset requests ALLLLLLL the time. We get it, you don’t miss us everyday and don’t login regularly. But you need us sometimes (…..and for that we love you **happy tears**). So, now you can login anytime, anywhere by just requesting an OTP on your registered mobile number.

8. Improved social login: Speaking of logging in, you can even simply login using your Facebook or Gmail account. We don’t sneak around and we never post anything on your behalf.

9 Bug Fixes: (Hey, these are important too)
i. Push notifications not opening related page/ service
ii. Homepage banners/ attractions not redirecting to related service
iii. Social login error
iv. Splash screen taking too long to load

10. It’s fast: The updated app is fast! How fast, you may ask? Dominic Toretto would be proud, kinda fast.

So, go to the app on Playstore or Appstore, push that “Install” button, book a service, sit back and relax. We’ll take it from there.

Hit us up with your feedback, comments on friends [at] mrright dot in.

So until next time, it’s time to get schwifty in here. Wabba laba dub dub!


- Mr. Bulldops

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