Get Ready For Real Time Pro Tracking

Pro No Sho is a Pro(blem) No Mo

A Little Background

We’ve been in business for almost three years now; almost two with the aggregator model. And while we wouldn’t want to reiterate the fact that we did a bunch of groundbreaking stuff along the way, we would (pronounced woood) want to emphasize that we are always up to something new, something that’s not only cool and innovative but also goes on to become the benchmark for many others to follow. Something the entire on-demand industry can benefit from and not just necessarily our competition (wink). We are on a mission to solve the problems of the home services industry, and while we would be the first one to admit that we’re not even close to it, we are making every effort towards that direction.

We are so thrilled to be shipping out one such effort in the form of a brand new feature called ‘Real Time Pro Tracking’. Uh, huh. That’s right. Track your Pro in real time.

Now most people might be thinking why track your pro, and that too in real time? I mean, what’s the point? It’s not like you’re waiting for the Pro like you’re waiting for a cab or something. Well, although the real time tracking feature was built keeping our customers in mind, it isn’t the customers who are going to use it. It’s going to be us. How? Allow us to explain. (How, Allow, Wow…such rhyme)

The Problem

Whenever a customer books a case with us through our website or mobile app, we send the best rated professional to the customer depending upon her/ his requirement i.e.; location, nature of job, time & date etc. Now, even though we have close control over our Pros and job assignments, there are some things we’ll never be able to control. One prominent example is when the Pro doesn’t show up at customer site despite accepting/ confirming availability for the case. We like to call it a case of ‘No Show’.

There’ve been several cases where the Pro doesn’t show up or shows up way too late at customer location even though they had all the information available to them at the time of job assignment/ case confirmation. Now, there could’ve been a genuine reason behind the delay/ no show or the Pro just didn’t bother to. We’ll never know unless we speak to them. But then again, we’d still not know.

The problem demonstrated above is one of the biggest challenges of the home services industry. And whether or not we admit it, it’s a recursive problem. It’s bound to happen again and again. It’s also one of the biggest pain points from a customer service point of view in a way that a Pro not showing up is kind of one of the worst case scenarios.

We can minimize it, put several checks and follow ups in place, but we cannot eliminate it — UNTIL NOW.

The Answer

The answer, my friend, lies within (the app). Remember this pic we posted on Twitter few weeks back?

Pro devices

Turns out it was an Easter egg for this new feature that we were working on. What? You thought only Marvels and DCs and Pixars could do Easter eggs?

Cut to the Chase

Wondering what is it that we’re actually talking about and how is this new feature even useful? Here we go. You (reader) is the customer.


Alright smartass, so now you have this real time tracking thing and these mobile devices. Now what? How do you picture helping me, as a customer, with whatever you been talking about for like eternity? I mean at least explain something. Toss me some techno babble or something.

Mr. Right:

Dear customer, we are always working towards improving customer service through innovative technologies and services. Real Time Pro Tracking is our revolutionary new feature that will help us in tracking real time location of our Pros. This new feature will enable us to calculate (within 5 minutes of accuracy) the time of arrival of Pro at customer location. It will also allow us to reassign the case to another nearby Pro in case the initial Pro is not in a position to or unlikely to reach customer location on time.

We believe the new feature will help us drastically reduce delayed or no show cases to the point that we would have practically solved it. It would also mean we would have solved one of the most challenging issues of the home services industry. In other words, assurance and more convenience to you.


Daaaang! Alright, Mr. Right. Let’s see whatchu got.

We shall soon be adding this new feature in our app releases. Once we do, you can be rest assured you’re never gonna have to deal with delayed or no show cases.

This is just scratching the surface. We’re working on so many new ideas and we can’t wait to roll them out. Of course, we’ll keep you posted with the developments.


Here’s a sneak peek into what the real time Pro tracking feature looks like (in the backend):

Real Time Pro Tracking
Real Time Pro Tracking
Real Time Pro Tracking

This is Veer up here, the guy who built this. You can follow him on Twitter @VeerNimbus

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- Team Mr. Right