Keep Calm! We’ve Redesigned Our Website

To say that websites are a destination would be incorrect. We tend to see websites (and mobile apps) as a journey. You never arrive at your destination but you keep getting closer. We have made several changes to our website keeping in mind the feedback and insights we’ve gained from our users over a period of time. We’ve put in the best practices from design perspective and we’ve fused in the best of technology. All-in-all, a complete package.

Our new website is designed to help you find what you’re looking for easily.

mr. right website

The homepage clearly boasts a new search bar and location selector. Just select your location, start typing the service you require and click.

Plenty of wide spaces. Easy to find services.

mr. right website

We’ve always put a lot of emphasis on wide spaces and made viewing experience seamless across laptops and mobile phones. Additionally, there is a live chat button (located on bottom right) on our website. Just log into your account, click on the button and start live chatting with us (for free) ;)

Overhauled Service pages with real-time customer reviews

mr. right website

You can even get s glimpse of the most active Pros in your area and their overall ratings.

More than what meets the eye

There are plenty of exciting things we’re working on. Stuff like tracking your Pro in real-time through geo-tracking, integrating AI technologies to help customers discover and book services in a more seamless manner, and much more. Please take a tour of our website and feel free to send us your valuable suggestions to

So, coming back to the question: What do you call a three-humped camel?
Pregnant. :D :D :D