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Mar 1, 2018 · 2 min read

Hello 👋🏼

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The Grand Budapest Hotel

I am a Solutions Engineer for [Dialexa](, based in Dallas, Texas. I’m a born and breed¹ Texan. Currently, my day to day involves UI/UX Engineering, this includes everything from iOS to Android, and React Native. I’ve also done work in DevOps, Backend, Rapid Prototyping and nearly anything that involved a problem that needs a solution².

The more I do this work the more I find that I might have so answers to problems that other people encounter. Someone I follow on Twitter, Stephanie Hulrburt, started a great thread about letting people know they are willing to help.

One of the biggest roles as a coworkers/developers is to help and teach others. This is me trying to do my part here, so here are the beginnings of that chapter. Hopefully, this will help someone in getting answers from either quick quips or a deep dive into core concepts. I currently don’t have a cadence or any topics planned out just problems and answers that come as the week goes on. If you are stuck on a problem give me a line on Twitter and I’ll see what I can do. And if anything point in the right direction.

Being the first post I’ll start with my social links so you can find me and ask questions when you need them:


That was a lot shorter than I envisioned when planning this post out so I’ll leave here with another gif³.

I do love a good reddit find⁴

1. I did live in Upstate NY for college and traveled to any place that I could buy a plane ticket.

2. Puzzles are the best. Who does the daily crossword or sudoku? 🙋🏽‍♂️

3. I’ll be honest there will be gifs, and lots of them.

4.This also took me a little too long to find…


Life as a developer all told by quips, longform, and gifs

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