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Meet Chef Liesha and My Brandstorm Video Production Services

Chef Liesha Barnett

I had one person in my social media tribe recently ask me what I do after I posted a message saying I wanted to retire from corporate to get back to entrepreneurship. Then, I had another exchange with one of my book club members in which she said to me that she thought I was a therapist. This was a huge compliment to me, especially, since she is a therapist herself! Anyone who knows me knows that I definitely make space for people and am genuinely interested in them as a person.

That’s what I bring to my work. And with 25 years of experience in the advertising, marketing, brand and communications industry and my love of learning about people and sharing stories, video production is the perfect work for me. So when a long-time entrepreneurial colleague approached me to work with her company to refresh Chef Liesha’s brand - starting with a video production project - I was completely hype! I can truly say everything in my life and career has prepared me for this moment. I knew just the director for the job, Jah Jean-Noel of Dream Imagination Studios. His work is second to none in this space. I had the perfect makeup artist in Charms Richards-Grant. And, the behind-the-scenes production support from Carnellia Ajasin and her Mind Katalyst team helped me work out all the details needed to make a major production project like this happen. All of these gifted Black people came together to create my dream team.

There’s one more important person on the team, our client, Chef Liesha Barnett of Oakland Girl. She trusted the vision and our team so much that she flew to Atlanta from Oakland, CA, her hometown, to let us develop her brand story. And, she believes in her work and her business enough to invest in the development of her brand.

I’ll share more about the journey as I showcase the video series. Today we introduce Chef Liesha and her ‘why’ behind her business and her work!

One more thing before you hit play. Make, sure to ‘like’ and share if you’re feeling our work. Leave me a comment, if you’re really feeling inspired. And if you know of someone in need of video production or brand development work, send them my way! This is what I do. And this is what I want to do more of. I’m glad to assemble the dream team to work on your brand story, too. My proprietary process is sure to create the perfect ‘brandstorm’ for entrepreneurs ready to invest in leveling up their brand.

Now, without further ado, meet Chef Liesha of Oakland Girl.



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