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From left to right: Vicky Randle, Eduardo Zemborain, Carolina Tobías Córdova, Juan Zemborain

A professional team

producing your bespoke private book

MSB Storytelling is a family-owned international organization dedicated to the preservation of life stories. We work for clients worldwide with representatives in Europe, Latin America, and the United States .

All of us who are part of MSB share a strong commitment to quality, confidentiality, and teamwork. Our services cover every discipline necessary to produce private edition books and documentaries for individuals or companies from start to finish in the language, format, and quantity required.

We are experts in developing and in structuring a story in such a way as to render it engaging, entertaining, and aesthetically appealing.

Eduardo Zemborain (1960) Founding partner — CEO

He holds an Architecture degree from the University of Buenos Aires and an MBA from IDEA (Argentine Institute for Business Development). He practiced his profession for 20 years with the architectural firm of Antonini, Schon, Zemborain and Associates, and was a partner for 10 of those years. He is the former Vice President of the Association of Personal Historians (2010–2011). Eduardo is an avid reader and professional photographer. His creative mind is constantly searching for new challenges. He speaks Spanish and English.

Vicky Randle-Zemborain (1962) Founding partner — Sales Director

Vicky holds an Architecture degree from the University of Buenos Aires. She worked for 20 years as an independent professional, and from 1999 through 2002, was an Associate Architect at Neumann-Kohn Architects. Vicky has extensive experience and empathy in dealing with clients. She speaks Spanish, English, and French.

Says Vicky: “I enjoy my work tremendously. There’s nothing I like better than telling people about what we do and encouraging them to undertake the adventure of preserving their life stories.”

Carolina Tobías Córdova (1963) Partner — Editorial Director

Holds a degree in Advertising from Argentina’s Universidad del Salvador. She has exercised her profession in posts she held at Diapasón Advertising, Junior Achievement and the American Chamber of Commerce. Carolina has extensive experience in leading and implementing complex projects. She speaks Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, and German.

Says Carolina: “Writing books about real-life stories allows us to live a thousand lives as intensely as we do our own”.

Juan Zemborain (1972) Founding partner — Design Director

Holds an Architecture degree from the University of Buenos Aires. He worked as a designer in the architectural firm Antonini Schon, Zemborain and Associates, specializing in renderings. Juan is a skilled craftsman and possesses the creativity to find outstanding book design and custom binding solutions. He speaks Spanish and English.

“Every new project is a challenge to my imagination and creativity,” says Juan, “and that’s what I love about my job.”



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