Coin Op Appliances & Parts

MSC switched from 4 top load to 3 front load washing machines. We hope the Maytag machines save enough water & energy expenses to cover any increased maintenance costs. We are getting rid of the old parts inventory to have space and pass along parts to those still keeping these Old reliable Speed Queen machines running.

Old E Washer machine.

The Vacuum cleaner worked last it was assembled except that the cord still wont retract. For us that is serious because with 11+ people sharing the house loose cords get in people’s way.

Old E washing Machine Works ok, but we felt the spin drying washing machine might make up for the week drying ability of our one electric dryer
New Electric Dryer for E, only issue is we prefer gas in these old houses, and believe electric heat pump options will become better in the future for any future home.

2 Partial Washer machines in E-House. used for parts. $15 each, mostly for the coin box. We still plan to use coin boxes to operate a couple communal dish washing machines.

In E-shop. We have front cover panels for these.
I have no clue if these gaskets and rims to load the washer through belong to this one or not.
Simply the front panel of a Speed Queen, $5

Electric Dryer, $20 as soon as we get hookup for gas dryer. Most of this value is the coin operated start mechanisms and lock box. It dries sufficiently for what remains after the new washer machine’s spin cycle, but not for the sopping wet loads our old E washer produces.

No, the New Maytag washer machines are not for sale.

We have 3 to 4 operable Speed Queen with lock boxes for $30 each.

We have spare lock boxes and coin slides. However we must be careful because we still use some of these for our Dryers, and plan to use some a couple for a dishwashers. Thus we want to be sure we have 6 total with some compatible spare parts.

This Dryer is from L-House. It worked fine until some zealous inspector insisted we must hire a plumber to redo the exhaust duct… and residents decided it was not worth in while in the middle of roof replacement and patching up after furnace upgrades. The belt was the removed to fix the identical GE gas dryer in Keda. That dryer still works and we may keep these for use in E house if we get a gas connection because these work very reliably. In fact we might sooner give up a Whirlpool compatible Kenmore because we don’t like the lint traps.
Here is the Keda Dryer that works fine, and we want to keep. We upgraded to a brand new Whirlpool merely to prove that the only deficiency of that dryer was the standard duct angles and long distance to exit the house. The point is proven, but the duct work is easier said than done.
We have this top load Speed Queen Washer for parts, but I don’t know how much works. Location E-shop entry.

Gas stove & Oven Parts

We have the top ignitors and electrical such from this scrapped stove.
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