$2 This drum set doesn’t produce high fidelity sound, yet works fine for basic drumming practice.
Lots of parts of the drum machine

Cell Phone stuff

$1 Nokia Phone
$1 cell phone cases
Looks like the USB plug is bent, but the USB socket looks fine
This looks very old school

Coaxial Cable Stuff, we have more than I show. Including cables and splitters, and couplings.

75¢ Coaxial style to antenna wires adapter
JVC system
Karaoke speaker. I’m not sure that we want to sell this.
$2 ipod player
$2 Headphone speaker phone set
Blurry image of the same headphones as above, yet with plug in view.
50¢ This toy needs some repair, but there are some good parts
$1 Alarm clock
$1 USB cord
USB Keyboards. We might not still have the remotes

We also have a CRT Computer Monitor with VGA, and ADB style keyboards and mice.

Not sure this is for sale, but the scanner part works
Is this for sale, it is in the pile.
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