MSFT Today 2019–01–01 : Not Your Typical Microsoft Podcast

Brad Groux
Jan 8, 2019 · 3 min read

Happy New Year and welcome everyone. My name is Brad Groux and this is Microsoft Today, a podcast and web community dedicated to Microsoft, technology and the impending automated world.

This is our first ever episode which is being recorded on January 1st, 2019 — and in this episode we’ll cover my vision for he podcast, who I am and my background — and where we’re going from here.

So stayed tuned as we discuss all of that and more, next!

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What is MSFT Today?

In short, MSFT Today is a podcast and web community dedicated to Microsoft, technology and the impending automated world.

Why Microsoft?

Microsoft is an often misunderstood global corporation with massive influence and a product strategy like no other technology company in the world. For this reason, the media, bloggers and consumers tend to misunderstand or misrepresent what Microsoft, their products, services and people.

When is the Podcast?

New episodes are released every Tuesday and Thursday, where you can join Brad Groux, a Microsoft enterprise expert, as he guides you through the countless products, services, initiatives and brilliant minds at One Microsoft Way. There are also Patreon exclusive podcasts!

Who is the Podcast For?

If you’re interested in technology, automation, business, education and/or setting yourself up for future success, then the MSFT Today community and podcast is for you. This is not your typical technology podcast, we not only discuss Microsoft and their products and services, but we discuss how they can improve your life while they are changing the world — and enabling you to change the world right along with them.

What Makes You a Microsoft Expert?

I’ve spent nearly 20 years in global enterprise IT environments, and I worked at Microsoft for nearly four year as a Premier Field Engineer. In that role, I supported and was invited into over 100 of Microsoft’s enterprise customers infrastructures, which gives me a unique inside perspective into enterprise IT.

There are only a handful of people with the varied and vast work experience that I have, and you may view my LinkedIn profile for more information. I’m not saying I know more than anyone, just that I’ve seen and experienced far more than most. This is the reason I’ve been on countless podcasts and news panels as a Microsoft Expert, including BBC World News.

Why a Community?

I’ve been running online communities for nearly 20 years, including the first ever Xbox Achievements website which I sold in 2008. I then went on to blog for more than four years at a now defunct Microsoft Blog that I had to scuttle when I joined Microsoft. I love being part of an online community, and sharing with and learning from like-minded individuals.

I believe that you for you to truly know Microsoft, you must know enterprises and the only possible way to know enterprises, is to learn and discuss from others… because every environment is different and dynamic, and Microsoft somehow successfully navigate that seemingly impossible landscape.

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Microsoft Today

A Microsoft Podcast and Community

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Microsoft enterprise expert who after 20 years has decided to transition from Windows Platform to Azure DevOps, Serverless, Microservices & the Power Platform.

Microsoft Today

A Microsoft Podcast and Community

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