MSFT Today 2019–01–04 : Azure Architect and MVP, Thomas Maurer

Brad Groux
Jan 8, 2019 · 3 min read
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Thomas Mauer is a Microsoft MVP and a Cloud Architect driving Cloud and Data Center transformation utilizing virtualization, Hyper-V, Azure, Azure Stack, PowerShell and Windows Server.

Microsoft MVP Program

The Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award is given by Microsoft to “technology experts who passionately share their knowledge with the community. “The awarded are people who “actively share their … technical expertise with the different technology communities related directly, or indirectly to Microsoft”. The MVP recognition lasts for a year and is awarded for a person’s Microsoft related activity, contributions and influence over the previous year.

The rules and guidelines to getting awarded as a Microsoft MVP are not strictly defined. The reason for this is that every Microsoft MVP contributes to the community in different ways. However, the largest key indicator Microsoft looks for when considering someone for the Microsoft MVP Award is how much impact their activities over the last 12 months have on the community.


  • Brad has a short introduction
  • Thomas gives a short introduction about himself, possible topics could include:
  • Where you’re from
  • Career synopsis to date
  • Technical specialties
  • What got you into technology
  • And personal details you’d like to share
  • I think this is important, as work/life balance is crucial in technology — but I understand if it isn’t a subject that you’d like to approach
  • Hobbies are always a “safe” bet here, if you don’t want to get too personal
  • Brad transitions to your role as an MVP
  • Thomas provides a short summary
  • Just what an MVP is
  • How long he’s been an MVP
  • How he obtained his MVP
  • Transition to discussing the MVP practice more in depth
  • Why Microsoft feels MVPs are important
  • How difficult is it to become an MVP
  • How being an MVP changed your life (if at all)
  • How can one start down the path towards becoming an MVP
  • And advice you’d like to share on the subject
  • Transition to where you see technology taking us over the next 10–20 years
  • We can discuss how we think Microsoft may guide the technology world in that time
  • Possibly provide insights on how people can better prepare for the changes coming
  • Which would help us transition to learning
  • Discuss the certification test you just took
  • We can discuss the importance of Microsoft Learning
  • How has Microsoft learning helped you in your professional life?
  • Any advice for those looking to become certified?
  • Closing out, we can transition to any questions you may have for me
  • I’m an open book, nothing is off limits so ask away!
  • After any discourse we have with further questions, we can move on to what projects you may have in the works that you’d like to share
  • You can also freely discuss where people can follow you
  • “Shout out” any other Microsoft or technology professionals you think people should follow
  • Goodbyes/Thanks
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Microsoft enterprise expert who after 20 years has decided to transition from Windows Platform to Azure DevOps, Serverless, Microservices & the Power Platform.

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