How MSN Academy is changing the Tech narrative in Nigeria and Africa


According to Mrs. Okonjo Iweala in 2014, over 1.8 million Nigerian graduates enter into the Job market yearly and that this figure is expected to increase in coming years.

A report by SaharaReporters says that 45% of Nigerian graduates are unemployed and that there is a need to ramp up training and job creation schemes for Nigerian graduates. Also, other training institutions are characterised by inexperienced facilitators.

This is needless to say that there is a dearth of skills among graduates.


MSN Academy provides innovative cutting-edge technological training to Nigerians who are passionate about building a career in Software Development.


Our vision is to change Nigeria, through technology, one innovation at a time. We will achieve this by making building a career in Software Development affordable thereby bringing up innovators and creating opportunities through the genius that we breed.


MSN Academy is for Nigerians who are passionate about building a career in Software Development.


The MSN Academy programme is a 4-month full-time intensive programme designed to turn learners into World-class solutions provider.

MSN Academy will ensure that students get the best of the training facilities so that the knowledge imparted to the students by our excellent facilitators can be used in real time. Before course completion, students will be grouped and asked to create a solution to solve specific problems affecting the society.

MSN Academy ensures that students are not just certified. We make sure our students focus on technology and learning more than anything else. Once the students are given a dose of theory and practical in the classroom, they are asked to perform the practical. This makes sure that whatever they learn in the classroom will not be theoretical knowledge alone.

Apart from working on student’s technical skills, MSN Academy works on life skills as well such as communication, presentation, critical thinking and problem-solving skills etc. We achieve so by arranging different classes such as Personality development classes, spoken English classes, and Group Discussion classes. Just before the students finish their course, candidates are further screened for technical and life skills and corrections are done if any gaps are found. These facilities make sure that students are not only technically competent, but are presentable as well.

Upon completion, learners must;

  • have contributed at least once to an open source project
  • have worked in a team to solve a problem affecting the society.
  • pass an external assessment to be sure they understood what they are taught before they can be certified

The Academy is a full-time 4 months commitment. The program curriculum is designed to be super-intense and will require full-time commitment from participants as well as a strong desire to push themselves above and beyond.


You do not need to have an experience in programming or related fields before applying. We currently do not have any qualification requirements because we train students both on technical and soft skills.

Application opens from 1st–15th of every month. To apply, visit Ensure you go through the Frequently asked questions for answers to questions you might have. Also, add your question if you have unanswered questions.

Classes for each application circle starts on Monday, third week of every month.


Our core values are Passion, Innovation, Integrity and Teamwork (PIIT).

  • Passion: Constantly seek new knowledge and be committed by heart and mind.
  • Innovation: We innovate through experimentation
  • Integrity: Be real and do the right thing
  • Teamwork: Leverage collective genius

We are a creating a community of World-class solutions provider. We are changing Nigeria and the World through technology, one innovation at a time.

For more information on the Academy, visit

Want to inspire our students? Our address is at Capital building: 332 Ikorodu road, Idiroko bus-stop, Maryland, Lagos, Nigeria. We’d be glad to host you.