MSPVotes 2018

MSPVotes has launched for the new year, and the old 2017 MSPVotes is still running for your reference, and to get a sense of the features that will be available as elections progress (like, campaign finance).

If you’re interested in funding the work, there’s obviously a Patreon, but: I am soon launching a Kickstarter campaign to fundraise on a higher level and to secure a runway to get MSPVotes really going as a business or non-profit and to have some breathing room. I’m a freelance web developer, and I spend a lot of time in my free time on local issues; I need financial security to really focus on bringing MSPVotes to the next level to fully handle 2018.

Here’s what I’m covering from the start:

  • St. Paul Ward 4 Special Election
  • Hennepin County Commission Districts 2, 3, 4 (others are not up for re-election yet)
  • Hennepin County Sheriff (attorney is not contested yet)
  • Minnesota House districts 61B, 62A, 62B, 63B
  • All parties are welcome, but right now the majority of declared candidates are DFL, and a couple Green and Independent/Unclear.

OMG! Where is ____???

To get things going I can’t include all things that will be on all ballots within Minnesota (but I’ll get there by November!). So, first, some notes on how I’m prioritizing what districts/races I am including. In order for MSPVotes to be the most useful for upcoming caucuses, primaries, etc., I have to prioritize. Here’s how it works:

  1. Contested metro area elections
  2. Non-contested metro area elections
  3. Everything else

Some people might note, for example, that some Hennepin County districts do not appear for now, this is because not all are up for election in 2018 (some in 2020). I plan to still show the districts that voters belong to when they search, but there are some more important goals to handle first with content and getting things running.

If I’m really missing someone who fits these criteria, get in touch (there’s a contact form on MSPVotes)

Upcoming Events

Upcoming convention and caucus dates:

  • 62A and 62B DFL Convention: March 10
  • 63A DFL Convention: March 23
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