A Recap of MTA Rewards

James Eddington
Jul 21, 2020 · 3 min read

Please note that this may contain out of date information about the state of the mStable protocol. See docs.mstable.org for up to date information.

MTA is now in circulation

Now that MTA is available publicly and has a price, we can begin to make some rough projections and assessments of the real returns users can expect for participating in our reward pools. It’s time for our MTA rewards to get kicked into overdrive.

Today, mStable incentivises 3 liquidity pools on Balancer. For the remainder of July, we have allocated 325,000 MTA to be emitted as rewards to these pools, which equals approximately 1.14 million USD at an MTA price of $3.50. Put differently, over a million dollars in MTA value will be distributed to those who contribute liquidity to our pools over the next 11 days.

Once we reach August, we will be resetting and automating our rewards in line with the emission detailed in our docs. That means no more random snapshots, and that rewards will be distributed automatically depending on how long you contribute your liquidity for. But until then, what do MTA rewards look like?

Total liquidity at time of writing: c.$15,000,000

Total reward: 50,000 MTA per week

Total liquidity at time of writing: c.$7,600,000

Total reward: 50,000 MTA per week

Total liquidity at time of writing: c.$5,000,000

Total reward: 75,000 MTA this week. 50,000 MTA next week.


Daily SAVE APY returns over the last 7 days

mUSD SAVE APY at time of writing — 39%

For those wanting to take a more passive approach to their yield farming, all of these rewards programs have also meant that our SAVE product is producing an annualised return of over 30% on mUSD deposits. Much of the mUSD in circulation is deployed elsewhere, so savers are getting a bumper savings rate that is currently c.10X the USD stablecoin returns on platforms such as AAVE or Compound.

EARN is coming soon

Once our EARN product is launched in the coming weeks, you will be able to view all of these rewards pools and more. Users will see their MTA rewards accumulate in real time, and will be able to deploy their MTA, mUSD, and mBTC (in the future) via our EARN interface. Farm all of your mStable crops from one place.

A teaser image we shared on twitter last week of the front page of our upcoming EARN app

We’re excited to continue delivering better ways for our users to get the most out of their stablecoin holdings. More info on EARN will be released soon, until then, enjoy a bumper month of July MTA rewards.

As always, please do your own research. This is not investment advice.

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