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mStable’s Second MTA Reward Pool is Now Live

Please note that this may contain out of date information about the state of the mStable protocol. See for up to date information.

Our Latest Reward Pool: mUSD / WETH

In one week, the mStable community bootstrapped the mUSD/USDC pool from $0 to over $17 million in liquidity, making it the largest pool on Balancer, itself the largest liquidity protocol on Ethereum (and indeed any chain). Thank you to everyone who contributed. The pool has been consistently one of the highest earners of BAL — currently circa 60% ROL on BAL, and that’s not even including the MTA rewards or fees accrued through trading.

The first 50,000 MTA has been allocated according to the random weekly snapshot as detailed in this post. You can check out the list of addresses and their MTA allocations here.

A fresh batch of 50,000 MTA rewards is now up for grabs in the mUSD/USDC pool. At some point in the next 7 days, we will be taking a snapshot to allocate the MTA to liquidity providers — just like this past week.

The mUSD/USDC pool was just the beginning of a wider MTA reward offering. Today, we excited to launch a second opportunity for yield farmers: enter mUSD/WETH pool on Balancer!

  • mUSD/USDC allocated 50,000 MTA each week for the next three weeks + BAL + fees accrued
  • mUSD/WETH also allocated a separate 50,000 MTA each week for the next three weeks + BAL + fees accrued

The pools have low fees and are 50/50 weights for maximum BAL earnings ;)

Rewards Guide

  1. Go to to mint mUSD or buy it using this Balancer pool.
  2. Go to mUSD/USDC or the mUSD/WETH pool and add liquidity.
  3. 50,000 MTA will be allocated via a random snapshot per pool each week for the next three weeks. The rewards are allocated proportionately to liquidity contribution. This is in addition to any BAL rewards or fees generated by this pool.

Get started: mUSD/USDC | mUSD/WETH

Recap: What is Meta?

mStable has a protocol token, which the genesis team will propose to have three core functions:

  1. To coordinate decentralised governance.
  2. To incentivise the bootstrapping of mStable asset liquidity, utility and a community of Governors.
  3. To act as the ultimate source of re-collateralisation

Check out this post for more detail.

Why are we focusing rewards on these pools?

mStable has decided to pay users MTA for contributing to mUSD’s growth and utility as a stablecoin. These liquidity pools are our first attempt to bake in utility into mUSD the stablecoin. Our aim is to have deep and liquid pairs with many assets — USDC and ETH are just the beginning.

These rewards are also important in bootstrapping our community of Meta Governors. It’s important that mStable achieves a wide distribution of MTA to avoid dangerous central points of failure. Our ecosystem rewards will last for 5 years, and will ultimately distribute 20% of MTA’s supply.

When will Meta rewards unlock?

Please note that Meta (MTA) does not yet exist. The token generation event (TGE) will be in the next few weeks.

We’ll be releasing a detailed post early next week that will describe Meta vesting for team and investors, how the TGE will take place and when, and the price of MTA in the last investment round.


As soon as we create the Meta Staking Contract all MTA earned previously will unlock. This is expected within 6–8 weeks.

Stay tuned for more information on this.

Happy farming!

Our software is still in beta, and whilst it has been audited, we cannot guarantee contract security. Please don’t contribute more than you can afford to lose and use this at your own risk.



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