noun — the customary code of polite behaviour in society or among members of a particular profession or group.

Last Sunday (6th November 2016) — I had the massive pleasure of going to see a fantastic band, Bear’s Den, live at a local venue here in Norwich.

It’s the first “big” gig I’ve been to for a few months, and it made me realise a couple of things about the etiquette that people should adhere to when going to watch a live band (or, well, anything or anyone live where some level of decorum is expected)

Let us just clear one thing up — I’m not an old fart (despite my age, before you say anything). I’m not a stickler, I’m not a misery, I’m not against people having fun.

What does rub me up the wrong way is people just being bloody idiots.

So, let me highlight a couple of things that happened at this gig, and, that, well, just shouldn’t.

1: I am 6ft tall. Sorry about that. If I happen to stand in front of you (and by that I mean, always near the back, and never pushing in) please don’t keep making comments along the line of “I’d enjoy it more if I could see”, “A bit selfish!” or “Well he could let us past” — It won’t work.

Sorry, but just get there earlier. I can’t forever keep moving back just to let everyone else go past, I might as well sit outside if thats the case.

Ok? Good.

2: Now I know it’s loud, you’re in a venue with amplification. The music is loud. The bass, is loud, the singing, well, you guessed it, it’s loud. Repeatedly saying “It’s too bloody loud” is just stating the obvious.

3: Yes, it’s loud (see point 2)—but remember, you’re there to enjoy the band that you bought tickets for, right? You’re there to embrace yourself in the performance they put on for you (in this instance, an exceptional one). You’d think that the 4 people standing behind us, at the back, would be able to NOT talk about work for 60 minutes and just enjoy the music. But, no. In fact, it was so ridiculous at one point they were asked to shut up — to which they took great offence, and I quote:

We’ve paid the same money as you to be here — so you can’t tell us to shut up

Of course, that’s how it works. Remind me, next time I’m at the cinema watching a film that it’s ok for me to talk and shout and dance around for the entire film. I’ve paid the same money as everyone else to be there, after all. Next time I’m at the snooker hall, I’ll be sure to stick my music on nice and loud, really get the most out of my hourly table fee.

4: Just. Enjoy. It. That moment, that night, that band on stage performing their songs, that probably mean something different to every single person in the room, will never happen again. Relax, have a beer, be polite to each other, dance, sing, embrace yourself in the entertainment.

Just don’t be an arse.

If you can, get along to see Bear’s Den — stunningly perfect.

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