Telling the time? There’s a watch for that….

Wearable tech is something that’s going to be big this year, probably bigger next year, and in 2017 we’ll all be like “that’s so last year, what’s next?”.

I’ve had a Moto 360 now for 4 or 5 months. It’s a thing of beauty.

Ok, so on my child size wrists, it sometimes looks gargantuan, but it’s ace none the less. It’s lightweight (honestly, surprisingly so, it weighs a lot less than my previous watch), it’s pretty durable, I’m no longer worried about it scratching or anything, it’s received it’s fair share of abuse and still looks brand new, and the one thing I was worried about, battery life, is just not a concern, even with the ambient screen on all the time, I can still get a days solid use, 2 days if I don’t do too much “other” stuff on it.

But here’s the show stopper, and the one thing you must consider if you’re thinking of spending your hard earned notes on wearable tech:

It’s early doors. And no matter what you’re trying to do, other than simply telling the time, you will always end up getting your phone out.

Trust me.

So the Moto 360 has a pretty accurate voice control via Google. Ask yourself, though, when a text message comes through and you read it on your watch, at work, are you going to sit there and speak to your arm to reply?


When you’re reading an email that’s just arrived (albeit slightly cropped thanks to the round screen, but you see most of it), are you going to dictate your reply on the Train home?


When you get a call and the watch is flashing asking you to answer to reject the call. Do you have your bluetooth headset connected at the ready so the phone can stay in your bag?


You see where I’m going here?

Wearable is amazing, it’s the future for sure. But other than the simple convenience of being able to read the notifications on my watch screen, or playing tic-tac-toe whilst waiting around, it’s really nothing more than an over sized watch. With a heart rate monitor (which after several weeks of testing, either thinks my heart is going to explode, or I’m borderline dead).

My other half asked me if, given the opportunity again, would I buy another Moto 360 (assuming I didn’t have one, but knew more about it). The answer is of course, “Yes”. I’m a geek like that. I mean, I still love popping it on the wireless charger, that alone will never get boring.

The Apple iWatch is (most likely) properly announced today, and it’ll no doubt receive crazy hype and pointless media coverage. From what I’ve seen, it’s got less features than other smart watches on the market, yet it has the expected Apple Tax on top, making it potentially one of the most expensive out there. Coupled with the fact that you have to use an iPhone, there is no alternative, the cost increases ever more.

When people quiz me about my watch, I find it really hard to justify its benefits. Ultimately, I end up showing them and playing tic-tac-toe…..

Then I get my phone out.

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