Statement on Equity in Education

“To provide students with transformative experiences at Michigan State University, the Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology commits to advocating for design practices that support equitable learning opportunities.”

At the Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology, we recognize that the higher education system we are a part of contributes to social inequities, racism, and violence. We recognize in the recent protests against police brutality and racial injustice the demand to think and act differently. We acknowledge that the design methodologies we utilize with partners on campus to define, develop, and deliver learning experiences are themselves embedded within paradigms of privilege and oppression. And we understand that it is our duty to question, critique, and champion participatory design practices that can, in turn, impact student, staff and faculty success on our campus.

We have spent the last few weeks as a team to come to an understanding of the specific, concrete ways we will work differently every day. They include agreeing to specific changes in our work intended to do the following:

  • To promote equity in our design strategy
  • To practice inclusion in our design activities
  • To increase diversity in our design processes
  • To advocate for social justice in our design collaborations

Like many, our team faces its own diversity, equity and inclusion challenges. But our team is also committed to learn, change, and grow. We know that we can lead by example through conversation, empowerment, and access. We are taking the first steps in working on ourselves so that we can better help others and advocate for equitable practices in higher education. In taking these first steps, we are:

  • Actively seeking external professional development and training related to anonymously identified internal equity issues
  • Engaged in regularly scheduled conversations about cultural competence, unconscious bias, identity, social justice, and inclusive leadership in our work
  • Adding specific practices around diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice to our playbook for direct application to our design projects
  • Continuing to explore diversity, equity, and inclusion topics in our monthly book club (join us!)

Sharing our internal and external commitments publicly is a way to commit to working differently, invite participation, and hold ourselves accountable. We invite you to take this step with us as we continue to share our progress publicly by sharing your own work on equity, or reaching out to collaborate on projects at




As an internal design consultancy for MSU, we help partners identify, accelerate and create new ways to learn and grow. We provide a spectrum of support for faculty, staff, and students to conceptualize learning, teaching, and programmatic opportunities and develop solutions.

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