High School Student Shows His Love For His Family Over His Own Pursuits

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s Kristopher Aponte!

Kristopher Aponte standing on stairs to pose for a photo. Photo by A’Zhana Valentin

Having a close knit family means the world to Kristopher Aponte. His father owns a small electronic parts business that Kristopher helps out with whenever he can for free, rather than working for a store that will pay him for his hard work.

The level of selflessness Kristopher contains goes beyond helping his dad with the small business.

As his parents, Kelvy and Kevin, balanced the finances of his sister’s new college tuition with Kristopher’s education at DePaul Catholic High School in Wayne N.J., Kristopher made a life altering decision.

He decides to help keep his family from spending an obscene amount of money for the two tuitions, so he enrolled himself into the nearest public school, Clifton High School.

“It felt weird at first knowing that I was leaving a school that I went to half of my high school career but I just did it and I don’t regret leaving DePaul,” he said.

Not only did he do this to help his parents, he knew how important it was for his sister to be enrolled in Temple University.

“The relationship [with my sister] is like we argue sometimes but at the end of the day we love each other, so like when she went to college I was like relieved but I still missed her”, he said.

These relationships and family values are what motivated Kristopher to make such a hard decision.

As the educational difference between public to Catholic school would be, Kristopher overcame it. He made many new friends and joined the varsity football and baseball team of his new school.

These major accomplishments are only the tip of Kristopher's success, as he is at the highest rank of the Eagle Scouts. This position is one of Kristopher’s proudest moments. He had been working towards it since the sixth grade as a boy scout.

Every moment of Kristopher’s life has been filled with many selfless acts as he continues to make decisions to be there for his family and others, rather than conforming to “normal” teen activities.