Vanessa while interviewed. Photo by Fernando Cardoza

The path of someone you should know.

Meet Vanessa Pena.

Born in Hackensack, New Jersey, 17 Vanessa Pena or Vane as she likes to be called shares Uruguayan and Mexican culture. With one 11 year old brother which she describes as not the typical annoying little brother.

Pena is now in her senior year at Hawthorne High School, enrolled in the Spanish Honor Society and the stage crew of her school.

In school she has a best-friend named Kayla which she knows for a year and enjoys to be with.

6 years ago Pena’s mother was ill and went to the hospital and made Pena realize that she should do more for people because there is people who need help as her mom did.

Uruguay is a place of happiness and the place she enjoys to go to the most because that was the place where she eventually lost her tooth and gave her first steps.

When she went to Mexico last year on September, she found herself heartbroken for the people who have to deal with the horrendous truth that goes around the world of crime in that country, and how people live it everyday.

Photo Credit: Fernando Cardoza
“People are my favorite interest, because every single one of us are different”- Remarks Pena while interviewed.

Pena has a poodle mix named Maggie. Sadly, for Pena she had an awful time with her dog. Her dog had an uterus infection of which she had to attend to the veterinarian and have a successful surgery done.

Pena said she enjoys nature, she became vegetarian 4 months ago, does not enjoy cooking however, has a big love for food and so does have a love for nature and animals.

Pena also shares the love of music and instruments. Pena plays the guitar and also sings during her free time.

Pena says she has many different points of view when it comes to the future. In five years, she sees herself studying, and being happy.

Communications and Video is the major that Pena wants to achieve in her future , although she also thinks she would enjoy to work on TV.

Pena does not involve herself into politics, but she does feel hurtful when she hears the variation of news from her countries, most of the time from Mexico.

Vanessa Pena is a student, sister, friend, best-friend, cook, writer, and vegetarian, born in Hackensack. She’s a singer and plays the guitar, not to mention her countless amounts of passions.