Tino Stephens at the amphitheater in Montclair State University

Tino’s Not-So-Tiny Dreams

Tino Stephens is an upcoming junior in Orange High school with big ideas and the drive to see them through.

“ Coming here was crazy, When you're in Jamaica you see America as land of, like, gold.”

Tino Stephens moved to America with his father in 2010, leaving his siblings and mother in Jamaica. When Tino came to America, it was the middle of the school year, he was forced to follow a course that he never took in Jamaica and ended up getting bad grades.

“I was put into special education classes, which I didn’t even know existed”

But he pushed through and now in high school, he is in all honors and AP classes. 16 year old Tino, has many plans for change in his high school and is currently working on making a politics club and TV and film club, in hopes that students will have a more varied educational experience.

One of the problems that he is facing with his clubs is motivating the teachers to be the head of the clubs. however with persistence and heart his is making it happen.

“This is just one bump in the road,” he explained, “and I am willing to work to get it done.”

After high school, Tino wants to have an all inclusive career with plans to get his doctorate in business, and to create and be the CEO of his own tech company.