Critics Of Hillary Are Not Responsible For Trump

In the wake of last week’s literally world-historic mass failure, there’s a meme going around that the real people to blame for Hillary’s defeat are those of us who criticized her online. It wasn’t Hillary herself, or her campaign, or her surrogates, or her circle of friendly pundits/commentators/agitators, but people on the internet who were excessively critical. They caused her loss. That’s the meme.

The fact that this is a widely-held view should indicate that liberal elites will not learn anything whatsoever from their devastating humiliation, and will instead try to assign blame to anyone other than themselves. They won’t reassess, they’ll just deflect.

I am now getting regular needling from the Weird Angry Ironic Twitter crowd demanding that I answer for Trump’s potential appointment of John Bolton. First of all, I never supported Trump. In fact, I actively opposed Trump. I’ve already laid out in excruciating detail my reasons for opposing Trump. I am therefore not responsible for Trump. I did not support him, I didn’t advocate anyone vote for him, I didn’t collude with his campaign (like many Hillary pundits) — I didn’t do any of that. I opposed Trump.

What I did do was vociferously criticize Hillary, because she was such a hellishly flawed candidate, and point out that Trump was likely to win as a result. In my view, hellishly flawed candidates warrant criticism. I thought it was a disgrace that the Democratic Party nominated Hillary and wasn’t shy about saying so, repeatedly, even as the race drew to a close. It’s the duty of a critic to not waver from their sincerely-held views in the face of social pressure. Twitter amplifies the “social pressure” effect, and all the Cool Kids award themselves social brownie points for exerting pressure on those they deem to have deviated from their Spectacularly Clever Discursive Orthodoxies.

So yes, it’s true that I was a frequent, unremitting critic of Hillary, because I felt she and her scumbag husband richly deserved it. There was no shortage of coverage detailing Trump’s failings and dangers. In fact, there was a constant 24/7 avalanche of such coverage. The idea that it was somehow incumbent on me personally to devote equal time to criticizing Trump is so stupid. The same people who shriek “DURR! FALSE EQUIVALENCY!” apparently demand that I should have instated a “false equivalence” in terms of the energy I devoted to scrutinizing the candidates. I was totally within my rights to focus on the Clintons. If you wanted Trump-focused coverage, there were mountains of it available to you instantaneously.

But now you have this Cool Kid LOL Irony Crew expecting me to own up to Trump’s potential nomination of John Bolton to be secretary of state. First of all, if Trump did that it would not contradict a single claim I’ve ever made about Trump. I’ve never said, “Trump will nominate swell people to prominent foreign policy positions.” I’ve always said that guys like Gen. Michael Flynn are lunatics. John Bolton is also horrendous. He’s not a neocon — the neocons all gravitated to Hillary — but he’s still horrendous and should be opposed. I’ll eagerly oppose him. Go back and scour my many many many words of Trump commentary and you’ll not find a single thing anywhere that would be negated if Trump nominates Bolton. In fact, I actually mentioned in one of my YouTube chats with Rania Khalek in September that Trump has cited Bolton, and might bring him into an administration. I said this was cause for serious alarm.

Trying to saddle Clinton critics with Trump’s future failures or harms is so totally disingenuous. You could saddle me with Trump’s failures if I had supported Trump, but I did not. I very explicitly did not. It’s not my fault that Hillary ran the worst presidential campaign in the entire history of the United States. I really doubt my Medium posts swung Wisconsin. I didn’t vote for Hillary or Trump because I didn’t want to bear any responsibility whatsoever for what either of them might do in office.

Instead of focusing on people who were mean to Hillary on Twitter, focus your energy on what the Democrats did wrong in nominating such a dreadfully awful candidate. Focus on what Hillary herself did wrong — why didn’t she ever campaign in Wisconsin? She had some spooky omniscient algorithm named “Ada” telling her what to do, but it couldn’t figure out that she might lose Wisconsin? What the hell? My Twitter commentary had nothing to do with that.

I never once asserted that Trump would be “better” on foreign policy than Hillary. I said there was too much uncertainty to know either way. That’s why I refrained from voting and encouraged others to follow suit.

The above is what I said about Trump on foreign policy. It could not be more clear. It’s explicit as to my position. There’s no need to draw wild inferences about my true motives, because I’ve already laid out my position, time and time again.

Don’t blame me for Trump. I tried to get the Democrats to nominate Bernie, who clearly could have defeated Trump. I voted for Bernie and declared myself a Bernie supporter. Therefore I would’ve been saddled with Bernie’s failures should he have taken office. I won’t accept being saddled with the failures of a candidate who I didn’t support, and in fact actively opposed.