Russian “Hackers” Provided Vital Information To American Voters

Michael Tracey
Dec 12, 2016 · 3 min read

Let’s assume, for the sake of argument, : the Russian government really did “hack the election,” which is to say they coordinated the “hack” of the Democratic National Committee email server, as well as John Podesta’s personal gmail account. These would certainly be low-grade “hacks,” requiring not-very sophisticated means to carry out, but still — stipulate for a moment (notwithstanding the total lack of conclusive evidence) that Russia was indeed responsible for these acts, which the entire Democratic Party is currently hyperventilating about.

What were the fruits of the offending “hacking” op? Let’s review:

  • It resulted in the of the entire leadership of the Democratic National Committee, on the eve of the Democratic National Convention— at the convention on a scale unseen since at least 1968.
  • It revealed that Donna Brazile, a DNC vice chair, was feeding debate and forum questions to her favored campaign, thereby providing Hillary Clinton with an undue strategic advantage over Bernie Sanders. CNN colleagues such as Jake Tapper subsequently condemned Brazile, and she was forced out of her position as an on-air contributor.
  • It revealed that the DNC and the Hillary campaign had long before the conclusion of the primary campaign, which directly contradicted assurances from DNC officials that they were to remain completely neutral in the primary race. That was a lie; they devoted material resources to their preferred candidate while the race was underway.
  • It revealed that the DNC-Clinton campaign collusion began as early as April 2015, before Bernie Sanders even entered the race.
  • It allowed for the public to view speech transcripts that Hillary had concealed, despite declaring in February 2016 that she would “” releasing them. If not for the “hack,” voters would have never seen her closed-door remarks about crucial subjects such as the TPP, the proposed Syria “no-fly zone,” and Saudi Arabia, and in time for the election.
  • It revealed the correspondence of decadent oligarchs like Haim Saban, who communicated to the Clinton campaign his wish that an object be stuck up Bernie Sanders’ rectum (presumably he was being figurative, but who knows with these guys?).
  • It revealed that various ostensible “concessions” made to Bernie Sanders over the course of the platform-drafting process were completely hollow, and intended solely to placate disaffected Sanders voters.
  • It revealed the true operations of the Clinton Foundation, which functioned as a political patronage machine for Bill and Hillary’s lackeys, and which was used as proxy to enrich the power couple, despite their longtime insistence that they never profited personally from its endeavors. That was a complete lie.
  • It showed that the Clintons lied about the nature of their underlings’ employment at the State Department; high-ranking aides such as Cheryl Mills improperly performed work for the Clinton Foundation while simultaneously employed at State.
  • It revealed that the highest-ranking officials at the DNC spreading anti-Semitic innuendo to electorally damage Bernie Sanders in various Southern state primaries.

I could go on. This is the terrible misfortune that the American people were subject to as a result of the supposed Russian “hack” — greater information about how powerful political officials operate in the dark. When the United States “interferes” in the electoral processes of other countries, it tends to by violent force. When Russia “interferes” — which, once again, is nowhere near proven—at least in this case they apparently provide previously-concealed information to voters, information which is very clearly in the public interest. The horror. The horror.

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