• read receipts
  • that little typing bubble disappearing and just being left with the read receipt
  • the irreversible effects of climate change
  • mold growing in your water bottle
  • one direction’s “hiatus”
  • that news story that there are little microscopic bugs in tap water
  • losing your phone
  • losing your phone without having a passcode
  • losing your phone and having a passcode that prevents you from contacting the person that finds it
  • snakes, especially the creepy white ones
  • the prospect that kim kardashian might be happier without social media and thus decide to abandon us forever
  • the entire concept of cuffing season
  • life without the reassuring smiling genius of regis philbin
  • smash hit single “closer” by the chainsmokers featuring halsey having more longevity than we initially expected
  • the kanye / kid cudi / drake thing getting any worse
  • gucci mane releasing more bangers than we could ever possible listen to
  • lady gaga’s “joanne” not getting the credit it deserves
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