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Creating a personal brand is one of the ways to differentiate yourself from others and increase your online presence. So, I decided to build one for me. Let’s dive into my creative process of how I create a personal brand.


Finding a brand name

It is hard to find a unique brand name. Previously, I am using GanuDev as the brand name. GanuDev is coming from my birth state, Terengganu, and developer. It looks pretty cool to me.

But then I realize one thing, which is I love design more than code. So the word Dev is not fit well. GanuDes is not sound very good as well. Finally, I made my decision to use my name as the brand. Muazzim. It does sound unique and rare too.

Logo sketch

The next process is sketching the logo. I love using a letter as a logo and decided to use the letter ‘m’ as the base logo. The main idea is that I want the logo to be simple and easy to recognize as possible.

Focusing on simplicity, I decided to use a textbox as inspiration in the logo.

Digitalise the logo

It is time to digitalize the sketch. Using a combination of big and small bordered square, I created the textbox. For the letter ‘m’, I use a combination of shapes, boolean operation. After a few tweaks, the final logo presented a custom typeface with the letter ‘m’ in a red textbox.

Custom typeface

I like the custom ‘m’ letter that I have created. So, I decided to design the whole alphabets. Using only Figma, I can easily design the entire alphabets and number set. However, this typeface is only for the logo creation, not in the copy design. You can see the blueprint and the final result below.


Happy with the result, I then created the variants of the logo. With different variants, I can make sure that my brand is always visible anywhere.

Animated logo

Using Figma Smart Animate, I can create an animated logo easily and use Kap to record the animation and export it as a Gif.


A brand is not just about a logo. It should also come with a complete guideline for the colors, typography, and icons.

What’s next?

It was fun to create my brand identity and applied across a website, social media, and side projects. This personal brand is just a starting point. It is still far from complete. So next, I will focus on adding a set of illustrations to my branding and release V2 of my branding.

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