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‘Achieving a new record’ Brave Girls ‘Roline’ entered Melon Chart for 547 days in a row… ‘I set a record for a girl group.’

- ‘Popular ing’ Brave Girls ‘Roline’ achieved the longest chart record for a girl group on Melon Chart… 547 days exceeded

The group Brave Girls’ ‘Rollin’ once again achieved a new record.

Brave Entertainment, the agency, announced on the 29th that Brave Girls’ ‘Rollin’ entered the Melon Daily Chart for 547 days in a row after going backwards, setting a new record for the longest period of time among domestic girl group songs.

Last year, ‘Rollin’, which made the Brave Girls stand as an icon of hope by going backwards last year, is a song that combines a tropical house with a light up-tempo, and was loved by the members for its refreshing vocals and addictive chorus. In addition, it ranked second on the Melon annual chart released in January of this year, firmly establishing itself as a steady seller in the music industry.

In particular, this record is more meaningful as it follows the 200 million cumulative streaming record on Melon in May.

Meanwhile, Brave Girls recently released their first solo US tour ‘BRAVE GIRLS 1st U.S. TOUR (Brave Girls First US Tour)’ has been completed, appeared in various broadcasting programs, and shares daily life through SNS, and is constantly communicating with domestic and global fans.



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