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‘Brave Family’ Brave Girls, DKB Chuseok Greetings Video Released… “Have a happy Chuseok.”

- Brave Girls → DKB, 2022 Chuseok greetings video released… ‘Warmful thanksgiving + stylish look in hanbok’
- ‘Idol of Hope/Idol of Growth’ Brave Girls X DKB Chuseok greetings “Drive safely on the way home and on the way back home.”

Brave Girls and DKB, belonging to Brave Entertainment, greeted each other in celebration of Chuseok, a national holiday.

At noon on the 9th, Brave Girls and DKB released their Chuseok greetings video through their respective official YouTube channels and SNS.

The Brave Girls, who appeared in elegant hanbok, started the video with a bright smile. He continued, “I hope you have a bountiful Chinese New Year, eating a lot of delicious food and making many pleasant memories this Chuseok.” “I hope you drive safely on the way home and on the way home, and have a happy Chuseok with Brave Girls’ music.”

DKB, who recently finished their promotions, also delivered Chuseok greetings. The members who opened the video by greeting each other in colorful and distinctive hanbok, said, “I hope you can make a wish and share many happy stories with your family so that you can spend the rest of 2022 without problems while watching the full moon this Chuseok.” brought about He continued, “I would be grateful if you listen to ‘You Everyday’ a lot so that you don’t get bored on the way home.”

Meanwhile, Brave Girls recently attracted attention by successfully entering the daily chart of Melon, the largest music streaming site in Korea, for 553 days in a row, setting a new record for the longest period of a girl group.

On the 7th, DKB hosted MBC M’s ‘Show! Champion’ stage, finalizing the official activities of the fifth mini-album, and starting ‘MEET & LIVE GRAND AMERICA TOUR’ covering the American continent.



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