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Brave Girls to attend ‘KCON 2022 JAPAN’, captivating Japanese fans with colorful stages

‘KCON 2022 Japan’ Brave Girls, a dream stage decorated with Japanese fans… give special memories

The group Brave Girls thrilled Japanese fans with a special stage.

Brave Girls participated in ‘KCON 2022 JAPAN’ held in Ariake, Tokyo, Japan on the 16th.

On this day, the Brave Girls gave special memories to the fans by decorating the stage of the hit song ‘Rollin’ through the Dream Stage with fans selected through pre-registration. Then, ‘Whistle’ and ‘Chi Mat Ba Ram’ were performed, heating up the heat of the scene.

Prior to the main performance, he appeared in the ‘KCON POP UP TALK’ corner, a mini talk show where he can communicate closely with fans, and brought laughter to local fans with his witty wit.

Brave Girls said, “It was so good to be able to stand on the KCON 2022 JAPAN stage and I will never forget the dream stage stage with the fans.”

Meanwhile, Brave Girls, who captivated Japanese fans with their energetic stage and lively charm, are expected to prove their global presence by appearing in the Philippine pop festival on the 21st.



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