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Brave Girls’ Yujeong, ‘Chain Reaction’ → ‘Sincerely in Marriage’ MC Selected… Shining entertainment presence

- ‘Excellent entertainment’ Brave Girls’ Yujeong, candid and lively charm that shines in dating reality entertainment

The group Brave Girls’ Yujeong is exuding her presence in the entertainment industry with her candid and lively wit.

After being selected as the MC of Coupang Play’s real dating entertainment ‘Chain Reaction’, Yujeong was recently selected as the MC for JTBC’s new dating reality program ‘I am serious about marriage’, and is showing steps beyond the music industry to enter the entertainment industry.

Yujeong, who has been attracting attention for her honest and cool wit through ‘Chain Reaction’, is expected to show off her outstanding hosting skills in JTBC’s new entertainment program ‘Sincerely in Marriage’.

‘Chain Reaction’, in which Yujeong is active as the MC, is stimulating the curiosity of plum viewers with an exhilarating real dating entertainment where eight men and women who left for Saipan, paradise on earth, are tied to a chain and spend the day and night together. As the name of the program suggests, ‘Sincere to Marriage’ is a love reality program that tells the story of a man and a woman who are serious about marriage and promise to get married over a period of 100 days.

Meanwhile, ‘Chain Reaction’, starring Brave Girls’ Yujeong, can be seen on OTT Coupang Play, and ‘Sincere to Marriage’ is scheduled to premiere on JTBC in October.



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