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DKB, 5th mini album ‘Autumn’ activities successfully finished… ‘Leave a strong impression’

- ‘Step-by-step growth’ DKB, the 5th mini album official activities are finished… ‘September, Grand America Tour → Aim for Global Fans’
- ‘Autumn Man’ DKB, ‘Autumn’ activities finished… ‘It would not have been possible without BB. warm thanks’

Group DKB has finished their 5th mini album promotions.

DKB was broadcast on the 7th of MBC M ‘Show! The final stage of ‘Champion’, the fifth mini-album ‘Autumn’ finished the official activities.

On the 25th of last month, DKB made a comeback with the title song ‘You Every Day (24/7)’ of the 5th mini-album ‘Autumn’. In the first week of his career, he was nominated for the SBS M ‘The Show’ choice, showing steady cascading growth and achieving meaningful results.

Through this album, DKB captured the hearts of domestic and global fans by showing not only musical growth, but also mature visuals and a perfect suit fit. He left a strong impression on the viewers by leaving a mark on the pop fans and overwhelming the stage with his undisputed performance skills.

On the afternoon of the 7th, DKB, who had time to reflect on the period of activity through the V Live ‘Coffee time with the little ones’, which was held to commemorate the end of the activity, said, “The last stage of the activity was happily finished.” It would not have been possible without the fans. Once again, thank you to the fans.”

On the other hand, DKB after completing the official activities for their 5th mini album ‘Autumn’ will go on the ‘DKB MEET & LIVE GRAND AMERICA TOUR’ covering the Americas in September.



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