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DKB, a surprise busking success at Republic Square in Mexico City… “Grand America Tour Cruise”

- ‘Grand America Tour ing’ DKB, surprise busking … ‘Communicating with local fans in Mexico’
- Dakbee successfully guerrilla busking during the Grand America tour … ‘Performance that captured the attention of local fans’

Group DKB impressed local fans with guerrilla busking.

On the 25th (local time), the agency Brave Entertainment announced that DKB held a surprise busking at Republic Square in Mexico City and had time to communicate with global fans.

On this day, DKB’s guerrilla busking, which started amid the intense interest of overseas fans, included the title song ‘Work Hard’ of their third mini-album, and the 4th mini-album’s b-side song ‘Sober [Remix]’. ‘ and presented a powerful performance. As they are a group famous for their sword choreography, local fans were amazed by the sound of footsteps and colorful gestures that matched the members. is the backstory.

DKB said, “Thank you for the support of many people and having fun together.”

On the other hand, DKB is expected to show an expanded global influence through the ‘DKB MEET & LIVE GRAND AMERICA TOUR’ covering the Americas.



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