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‘DKB’ E-Chan, D1, Heechan, SBS Moby-Dick’s bone-beating masters appear… Show off your reversal of entertainment

- ‘Comeback’ E-Chan, D1, and Heechan of DKB, appearing in ‘Bone Striking Masters’… ‘Thumbnail war + attraction’
- DKB (E-chan, D1, Heechan), SBS Moby Dick’s ‘Bone Slayer’ entertainment outing … ‘E-Chan discovers a special relationship with MC Ji Sang-ryeol’

Group DKB, who returned as an emotional idol, showed off a sense of anti-war entertainment.

E-Chan, D1, and Heechan, members of the group DKB, appeared on SBS Moby Dick’s ‘Bone Striking Masters’, which was released on the 30th.

The members who opened the opening with the spicy performance of the title song ‘Sober’ of the mini-album vol.4 ‘REBEL’, released in April, drew laughter from the viewers as they competed with each other for the main spot in the thumbnail. In particular, member Lee Chan surprised everyone by discovering a special relationship with MC Ji Sang-ryeol. In addition, the stage of the new song ‘You Every Day (24/7)’ released on the 25th drew attention.

Member E-Chan said, “It’s an honor to appear in Bone Striking Masters. Thank you for making me feel comfortable.”

DKB’s new song ‘Everyday (24/7)’ is an attractive song with an acoustic guitar sound and a groovy beat. With the vocals and singing rap of the members who have matured as much as their emotions deepened, they added uniqueness to the color of DKB and achieved a splendid feat of being settled on a domestic music streaming site immediately after its release.

On the other hand, DKB released the fifth mini-album ‘Autumn’ and is continuing the comeback fever by releasing various contents as well as various music shows.



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