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DKB, ‘KCON 2022 JAPAN’ heated up the local fans’ hearts… A showcase in Japan will be held on November 20.

-‘KCON 2022 Japan’ DKB, powerful stage + special time with fans… “It was an overwhelming moment.”

The group DKB captivated local fans by appearing in ‘KCON 2022 JAPAN’.

DKB (E-chan, D1, Theo, GK, Heechan, Rune, Jun-seo, Yuku, and Harry-june) attended ‘KCON 2022 JAPAN (KCON 2022 Japan)’ held at Ariake Arena in Tokyo, Japan on the 16th.

On this day, DKB left a strong impression on the fans of the archipelago with the stage of the title song ‘You Every Day (24/7)’ of the 5th mini album released in August. Then, they filled the stage with ‘Sober [Remix]’, which features a powerful performance, capturing the attention.

Also, prior to the main performance, he visited the DKB promotion booth at the convention hall and spent a special time communicating closely with the fans.

DKB said, “It was a daunting moment to be able to show DKB’s stage to many audiences on a big stage.” “I am happy to be able to perform in front of many people who love K-Pop, and I will show you a lot of cool things in the future.” He expressed his feelings about appearing in JAPAN.

On the other hand, DKB, who has fascinated local fans with powerful performances and colorful charms, will hold Japan’s first showcase ‘DKB First show case in Japan 2022 ~Fantastic Stage~’ at Ranran Hall, Yomiuri Land, Japan on November 20th. 2022 ~Fantastic Stage~)’ will be held.



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