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DKB, the first performance of the Grand America tour prelude… ‘Global Marching’

-DKB, the first step on the ‘Grand America Tour’ with Jersey City, USA… ‘Successful start’
-‘Global Doll’ DKB opened a grand opening for ‘Dark Bee Meet & Live Grand America’.

Group DKB completed their first performance on the Grand America Tour.

DKB held ‘DKB MEET & LIVE GRAND AMERICA’ at ‘White Eagle Hall’ in Jersey City, USA on the 15th (local time).

This tour was completed in June of ‘DKB 2022 MEET&LIVE U.S. After the TOUR (DKB 2022 Meet & Live US Tour), it drew attention in that it was a performance that was performed once again with a warm reaction from local fans.

They opened their doors with their debut song ‘Sorry Mama’, and they continued the stage amid the enthusiastic response of local fans with their feelings of holding a Grand America tour covering the Americas and a promise to provide a perfect stage as much as they met again. . From the title song stage of previous albums to the special unit stage and cover dance prepared for the Grand America tour, it once again captured the hearts of local fans with a rich set list where you can see DKB’s unique charm.

DKB, which opened the grand opening of the Grand America tour, is expected to fascinate local fans by continuing its performances in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, and Puerto Rico.



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