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‘Step-wise growth’ DKB, the 5th mini album ‘Autumn’, the first week of their comeback, has been successful… Title song ‘You are Everyday’

- ‘You Are Everyday’ DKB, the first week of comeback has been successfully completed… ‘Mature beauty in full bloom + beauty peak season + perfect performance’
- DKB, the title track of the 5th mini album ‘You Every Day (24/7)’ has completed its first week of promotions… ‘9 people, 9 colors, perfect suit fit’

Group DKB successfully completed the first week of their comeback.

DKB released their fifth mini album ‘Autumn’ on the 25th of last month, starting with Mnet ‘M Countdown’, KBS2 ‘Music Bank’, MBC ‘Show! Music Core’, SBS ‘Inkigayo’, SBS M ‘The Show’, MBC M ‘Show! Champion” and performed the new song “You Every Day (24/7)”.

DKB perfectly digested the sophisticated suit fit and boasted a more upgraded visual. In addition, the powerful yet soft lines of the performance, deep eyes, and different gestures on each stage exuded a variety of charms and captivated the attention.

DKB, who made a comeback as a mature autumn man, landed on the domestic music streaming site rankings right after the release of the title song ‘You Every Day (24/7)’ of the fifth mini album ‘Autumn’, and was nominated for the SBS M ‘The Show’ choice. He showed his steady step-by-step growth and proved his unique presence.

In particular, the music video for the new song ‘Everyday’ surpassed tens of millions of views within 72 hours of its release, demonstrating its global rookie-like influence with remarkable achievements from the first week of their comeback.

DKB’s new song ‘You Are Everyday (24/7)’ is an attractive song with an acoustic guitar sound and a groovy beat. With the vocals and singing rap of the members who have matured as much as their deep sensibility, they added uniqueness to the color of Dark B.

On the other hand, DKB released the fifth mini album ‘Autumn’ and released a variety of contents such as the new song ‘Everyday (24/7)’ dance challenge and the release of choreography videos, as well as continuing active activities on music shows. prospect.



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