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The horror

We tend to interpret climate risk and our contribution to climate change, to within an inch of our comfort. Outside of this well architected but virtual comfort, is an existential problem. We have studied it, we know enough to be driven to action, and so, there is much to do.

Africa’s drought and floods have become more frequent and intense.

Climate truth

The collective consciousness towards climate action is rigged with lags, and solutions that are running, or are, out of time already. The world needed the #climatestrikes by kids and adults alike. They brought life back to climate conversations, giving an invaluable perspective; that of kids. I am convinced that concurrently, they have perpetuated a global #climatehope. All because they dared to challenge leaders and lead by example. They understand that in order to rein climate change in, there is so much to do, so little time click to tweet. But we have now, and it counts.

We have seen red hot planets elsewhere in the solar system #venus, and we know that Mother Earth has already seen an ice age, maybe red-hot age is her fate click to tweet. Maybe we caused climate change, maybe it would have happened anyway, who knows? That is not the point, the point is that, she will live. Mother Earth will still be here after we are long gone.

The XR movement understands a thing or two about the looming doom; which will become apparent for every single human being if we get to “runaway greenhouse effect”.

We have the capacity to appreciate the magnitude of climate change innately, but it should not leave us feeling helpless click to tweet. We are highly adaptable. Feelings of helplessness? Doom’s day? Maybe an epidemic brings us to extinction, dark matter, or artificial intelligence (which arguably does not exist quite yet). It could be anything, which is why it is important for everyone, everywhere, to continue doing what they do, to the best of their ability. Being mindful of the planet all the while, because climate change is not as obscure a reality. So, hope still stands, and we have quite #muchtodo.

Stella Nyambura Mbau PhD




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