The Mucho Team rate their favourite brunch foods

We like brunch a waffle lot…

Working in food, it’s not out of the ordinary for us to get obsessed with certain things & certain food trends at certain times. But the one thing that never wavers — what we like to eat for brunch. So, what does the Mucho team enjoy eating for brunch? Take a peek…

Juliana — Co-Founder & CEO

Turkish eggs, because anything with labneh, eggs, & olive oil is ideal. Otherwise, boiled eggs with truffle butter… I don’t think I need to explain that one.”

Shanshan — Co-Founder & CFO

“Bacon & eggs. So satisfying.”

David — Developer

“In Portugal, we don’t really have the concept of brunch, but smoked ham & cheese pancakes are one of my favourite foods. They’re delicious, include 2 of my favourite ingredients, they’re light, and easy to cook.”

Nina — Strategic Partnerships

“Arepas with butter, eggs, avocado & chilli flakes. If there are no arepas, I guess toast will do.”

Lucinda — Marketing Lead

“If I am going to be totally honest, I love to order a side of french fries with my brunch, especially after I’ve had a big night, and team that with a Bloody Mary — preferably with all the trimmings!”

Natalia — Developer

“We don’t really have brunches in Portugal! But for breakfast at home, I always have porridge, with banana, almonds, chia seeds & bee pollen. Sometimes for a twist, I throw it all into the blender and pretend it’s a smoothie.”

Camille — Designer

“It’s definitely eggs, avocado, bread, tea with milk, orange juice, yoghurt, muesli & chocolates. Then afterwards, a nap.”

Omi — Instagram Guru

“When it comes to brunch, I’m pretty basic… I need my french toast, pancakes, & bottomless mimosas to be happy (although I wouldn’t be mad if there’s bacon involved).”

Camille —Freelance Writer

“I’m a little bit of a grinch until I have brunch and the perfect brunch starts with good company (best cure for my grumpy ways). That and orange juice are the key ingredients. After these are secured, I need variety: seasonal fruit (cut in a decorative layout, of course), loads of coffee (there is a fine line there though, after three cups you enter the anxiety zone), granola mixed with greek yoghurt, and poached eggs on toast with avo. It’s healthy even though it’s a lot and it’s the earliest you are allowed to start throwing olive oil on food (hey, only on the egg-carrying toast). More points awarded if the brunch is long, the bread is local fresh sourdough, the avocado is firm and the eggs are super fresh.”

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